June 24, 2007

Sunny Sunday!

Isn't Sunday suppose to be a day of rest?! Hmmm, I actually did accomplish a lot yesterday, so maybe I'll dawdle a bit today.............!!

We enjoyed seeing friends last night at a surprise 50th Birthday party. They had a video of her life, and it's just amazing how quickly time goes by.

I don't think there is any prettier flower than the hibiscus! They are the perfect plant for our hot, sunny front steps. I planted this one with trailing vinca and love the combination of colors.

I've almost completed a couple of more pieces for the upcoming Marketplaces. I'm also working on the angel for the charity auction - (You can read about this in the upper left hand corner of this page.)


Bonnie said...

@cabGreat blog, Nancy. I will check often to see what you are up to. Beautiful flowers and lovely work. What a great combination.

twilite said...

Hi! Good shot of the hibiscus!