July 24, 2007

I redid my websites!

After lots of time & stress, I finally completed my new website! I did it all on my own (see, an old "dog" really can learn new tricks!) and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. As most of you know, I've had two websites for a few years, but I wanted to consolidate them into one to make it easier for my customers. You can check it out here: NancyMalay.com

My main page banner with the photo of my Mom when she was a baby was done by Sandy Wood, and the "Halloween" and "Other Holiday" banners were made by Jan Davis. There are a few little minor things to work out, but that's ALWAYS ongoing!

I'm back to work for a few hours a day -(I may actually find the bottom of my desk before Christmas!). I try not to think about everything I have to do for the wedding, work, and life in genreal...I'll just take it one project at a time, and hope for the best!


Lana said...

...and you did a wonderful job!
Hope you are feeling better.


Annie said...

YOu have a beautiful, feminine style, nancy!!

Feel good! Take a jacuzzi and get a massage!