July 10, 2007

One of "those days".......

Did you ever have one of those days?!

You know what I'm talking about.......you can't find a thing to wear and when you finally do find something, it's missing a button; your hair does everything except what you want it to do; the dog does everything opposite of what you want her to do; you spill your coffee on the way to work (of course, you have to be wearing white pants!); you get a blister from that new pair of shoes that looked so cute when you first put them on; and when you finally get to work, you just can't wait to get home again!

All you can do is pray that tomorrow is a better day!

1 comment:

Rolling River Prims said...

lol... you just described my life!

It's a good thing I have a sense of humor - I get to laugh at myself so many times during each day.

You brought a smile with this thoughtful insight :)

thanks Nancy!