August 15, 2007

I find shopping to be a dreadful experience sometimes. Like today for instance--all I wanted to find was a dress for our son's Groom's dinner. It shouldn't be that difficult....after all, there are racks and racks to choose from.
I did find a few that looked pretty nice on the hanger, and one in particular! The color was great, and it looked like a flattering style. So I took that one and about five others to the dressing room. All were quickly hung back up, but I thought just maybe I had found one that would work.

After I got home, I tried it on again. I took one look in the mirror and decided I looked just like Lucille Ball! (If you saw me in it, you wouldn't be saying "I Love Lucy" either!). I'm still wondering what the heck I was thinking in that dressing room!?! When are they going to come up with styles for us "50 something" women?! Seems like everything is made for those under 40 and over 70. I guess the upside to this is, that in about 20 years, I'll have all kinds of things to choose from!


Lana said...

Oh Nancy! That's funny, but I'm sure you looked lovely in the dress. Take a friend along next time and get her opinion too... maybe between the two of you something will be found.


Ruth Welter said...

Nancy, you know what I think it all boils down too....women have a harder time then men shopping for clothes, not matter the age. I sometimes envy my husband because choices in clothing seem so much simpler for men. I think, there are such a wide assortment of styles and designs for women, sometimes too makes you dizzy just thinking about it.

Nancy Lee Malay said...

So true, Ruth! Too many choices does overwhelm a person.

And, Lana, if you lived closer, I'd take you shopping with me!


Cookie said...

How funny Nancy !! I DO love Lucy - and I'm sure you are being more than a little critical of yourself - you are as cute as can be and anything would look very nice, I'm positive!
I have to agree with you though with the styles - if it wasn't for Levi's and harley davidson shirts, I'd be nekked! lol