December 27, 2007

I've been tagged!

I've been "tagged" by me friend Cookie, and I'm suppose to come up with 5 unknown things about this was hard, but here 'ya go:

1. I had a hole in one golfing (simply by accident, as I'm the worst golfer around!)
2. I hate mini doughnuts - The smell of them makes me nauseous!
3. I'm very competitive & hate to lose at board games....we have to play until I win!
4. I told my sister that I was going to marry my husband the first time I met him.
5. When I'd get in trouble for talking too much in grade school, the punishment was standing in a closet, inside of a wastebasket---I'm thinking that's why I'm so claustrophobic today!

I've tagged:



Cook said...

I got in trouble ALL the time for talking too - but (thankfully) I didnt have to stand in a wastebasket inside a closet. Now, that's just a little too wierd, even for me! hehe...besides, my big feet would have gotten wedged in the trash can - I just know it! lol
What fun facts Nanc :)

Jeannene said...

Wow, I loved reading about you SWEET Nancy!!" Hope you all had a lovely Christmas.

I listed my five fact about me..come see;-))

Have a lovely Day and Weekend!
Love, Jeannene

Garb-oodles Soup said...

I also finished up my wee facts. thanks for thinking of me. so excited for you and your new venture with the big company. can't wait to see what you come up with. lessings to you and yours this New Years. see ya soon. XO Mica