February 16, 2008


Zach, 1984

24 years ago today, the world became a better place because you were born!

Zach, 2000, with little cousins

Zach, September, 2007, at Maria & Jordan's wedding

I love you with all my heart, and thank God for blessing us with such a wonderful son!Happy Birthday, Zach!!!!


Lori said...

Nancy, what a beautiful post about your love for your son...Happy Birthday to Zach!!!
oh, you made me cry and i have to leave for work in 30 minutes, good thing for visine:)

Mississippi Songbird said...

Happy Birthday, Zach!

and Nancy, you must have been a child bride..lol

Have a great weekend!

Michelle Sylvia said...


Happy Birthday to Zach!! Oh my, where does the time go? You are a wonderful loving Mom who has a heart of gold.


Jenn said...

Happy Birthday to Zach!!
What a lovely post Nancy:):)


Prim and Proper Folks said...

What a lovely tribute to your son! I hope he had a wonderful birthday. Congratulations on the Ashton Drake project too! Way to go, Nancy! Susan

Dogpatch said...

oh Nancy...what a sweet little boy your Zack was.....and look what a handsome young man he has grown up to be. what a proud Mama you are and w/ such good reason.

Happy Birthday Zack!

Gina said...

Wonderful photos! Happy Birthday Zach.

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

What wonderful pics! Happy Birthday Zach!!

Sylvia Anderson said...

Happy Birthday Zach! What a good looking guy! :)

Sara~Graphic Pretties said...

Where does the time go?? Our youngest is soon to be 8 and our oldest 16 I know in a short short time they will also be in their
20's :( I hope he had a wonderful birthday!!

kaniki's Inspirations said...

Oh!! How sweet Nancy!!! My daughters birthday is coming up on the 26th!! She's going to be 15!! I just can't believe how time flies... Unbelievable!!

Love your post about your son and family!! Very beautiful!!


CraBBy GaBBy said...

How handsome! Happy Belated Birthday. He must have a really good Momma! the pictures were too wonderful Nancy, and your blog is divine.
I added you to my blog list if you could do the same much appreicated :)
wihsing you a most wonderful rest of the week..and congrats on Ashton Drake !

Betzie said...

I can so relate to this post, having two sons of my own, ages 16 and 18.
Hope he had a great birthday! He's lucky to have you as his mom!