April 19, 2008

Today was my favorite kind of day...Zach and Brett both stayed overnight, and Jordan was also in town. I've never adjusted to the "empty nest" thing, so having all three boys around is just the best. And Rick loves it, too - Besides enjoying their company, he says he always gets better meals and more treats when the boys are here! That reminds me of when our oldest son, Jordan, went away to college--Rick, Zach and Brett would always say we have the best meals and desserts the weekends Jordan would come home- I'd say it wasn't true, until one day one of Brett's friends came in the front door and said "It really smells good in here - is Jordan coming home today?" Ok.,there must have been some truth in that!


Prim and Proper Folks said...

LOL...that is too funny!!! YOu know it must be true if a friend notices! haha I'm happy you had a fun weekend with 'the boys' (hubs included)! Hugs-S

Enzie Shahmiri said...

There is definitely some truth in it. Mom's want to give there kids a good home cooked meal, because they just know what type of junk food the kids usually munch on. It sort of acts like sending them back out into the world again, all refueled and energized.

My son is leaving for collage this year and we will be empty nesters too. I am dreading that day!