June 2, 2008




This past weekend, two of my nieces graduated from High School. Chantal will be going to college this Fall for Nursing, and Brooke for Pre-law.

I thought this was interesting - this is a photo of my sisters and me at Brooke's party - All of our clothing was "color coordinated" without any of us knowing what the other was wearing. Like minds?! Left to right: Joan(Chantal's Mom), me(the oldest, as they all like to remind me!), Deb(Brooke's Mom), and Gail(the youngest).

And, my husband, Rick, must have also gotten the "wear green" memo! He's holding Abby, one of my Dad's dogs.
Both graduation parties were alot fun, and it was great to visit with everyone. My younger brother, Steve, lives in Nebraska, so I don't get to see him often. My older brother, Bill, with our niece, Chantal.

My Dad, with my two nieces, Brittany and Brooke.


Lana said...

Congratulations to your beautiful nieces Nancy!

Pat said...

It was very nice to see photos of you and your wonderful family, Nancy. It must be fun to have so many sisters.
Congratulations to your nieces!
Hugs, Pat in NY

MimiG said...

Congratulations to all the graduates! This is such a busy time for families, I'm so glad you got to spend a lot of the time with your family and catch up. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

Lori said...

congratulations to your beautiful nieces!!!

softinthehead said...

Such a fabulous looking family Nancy...Kinda got a bit teary looking at your pics. I miss family so much. Funny when we have it all around us we forget how precious it is. Now mine is scattered to the four winds and I rarely see them. Enjoy! Your nieces are beautiful! Pam

vivian said...

great family pictures! and.. you dont look like the oldest! love big families makes for lots of fun or at least interesting parties!! I come from a big family and get togethers are always extremely interesting!