August 19, 2008

Very strange....................

We had a new brick walk put in, so we've been totally redoing our landscaping. The above photo is our front yard before we redid it - I'll post photos of the new layout later.

But, on to the strange incident!
I usually don't plant annuals this late in the season but I did have some pots of wave petunias that I never got around to planting earlier, so I just put those in over the weekend.We still have to put in the mulch, so I've been doing a lot of watering with all of the hot weather we've been having here in Minnesota. When I went out to water today, it was the strangest thing .... all three plants were pulled out of the ground, the tops chewed off, and the ripped up petunia flowers were in the holes the plant came out of. I don't know if you can see from the photo how the round plants with the dirt are sitting on the edge of the walk and the flowers and leaves are in the holes.
I'm trying to figure out what kind of creature would do something like this?! Rabbit, dog, cat.....human?! Very strange, indeed!!


Evelyn (ehoward at si dot rr dot com) said...

Probably a STINKIN' SQUIRREL! Oh, they are mine own worst ENEMY! lol ... they dug up and spit out 5 buttercup squash plants I had lovingly grown from seed ... they are ruthless to new plants.

Jackie said...

Very strange indeed, we've had the same thing happen. We also have had the squirrels try to rip our flag off too. It was quite comical to watch. We have a flag pole attached to one of our back trees...the squirrels tried and tried...they even put a big hole it. Hopefully it wont happen again, try cayenne pepper after you mulch, might help and it wont hurt your garden :) Take care, Jackie

Lori said...

oh, that is strange!!! i don't have any guesses, that never happened to me...

michelle sylvia said...

That is very strange! I have never seen such a thing. Disappointing.

Your before garden photo is beautiful! I can't wait to see more of what your changing. My gardens came really beautiful this year, but the heat and lack of rain in this last couple weeks have me watering to keep it nice.

Hope you are well. Talk to you soon.


Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Nanc, I must say the "before" pic of your front yard is wonderful!!
I'm not sure who the culprit could be. I know rabbits are big chewers but I don't think they could yank it out of the ground like that. Another trick to repel critters is to place human hair around the area.
I'm looking forward to your "after" pics!!

Sara said...

Hi Nancy, I adore your creations and your blog as well. I think a possibility to your plant napper mystery could also be a masked bandit... a raccoon. I'm to much of a softy when it comes to these things. I've got feeders for,squirrels,birds,butterfly's. I feel bad though when the lil critters dine on our fresh plantings.
The hanging flower baskets are gorgeous!! I've got two plant hangers flanking my deck and would love flowers as lush. Do you plant or purchase them?
Do you have a email address? I've got a few questions about your mini embellisgments used in your designs. You can contact me at my blog or

Have a *Sweet* Day! Sara

Sara said...

P.S. It probably would help if I actually gave you my blog address.
This blogging/internet world is sooo new.

MagiCatGlass=^..^= said...

Hi Nancy,
We have the same middle name. Nice to meet another Nancy Lee.
Racoons will pull stuff out of the ground, so will woodchucks.