February 16, 2009

Happy 25th Birthday, Zach!

From the day you were born,and these tiny hand and feet prints were taken,to the day we brought you home from the hospital,to your 1st Birthday,
to your Graduation from High School,to now.....Oh, how you've grown into a wonderful young man! We love you and couldn't be more proud of you.....Happy Birthday, Zach!


Tammy said...

Happy Birthday, Zach! How wonderful to have a post in his honor. He is so handsome.

Enzie at World Market Portraits said...

Isn't it funny how our boys tower over us when they grow up! :)

Peach Street ~ Jamie said...

Aww how sweet is this post!! Happy Birthday to your boy! He sure is handsome!


Anonymous said...

Oh Happy Birthday to your handsome guy!!! Such a nice post... Hugs, MO

Dogpatch Primitives said...

oh my gosh...Happy belated to such a nice young man!