August 5, 2009

Projects, deadlines and more!

I have several deadlines to meet before the 15th of August, so I'm working overtime to get all of my projects completed.

I take a break now and then to enjoy the beautiful blooms and lovely fragrance of my garden. I just love all of the purple things blooming right now, especially the stocks.

But, it's back to work for me....I don't want to be late for a date!!!


Phillane E'lee said...

I am on the same ship Nancy. Working ship! LOL
Have a great week.

Kelly said...

Just came across your blog and love it. Don't work too hard though. Don't want to stiffle all that creativity!

Anonymous said...

I have been watching and waiting for picutres of your new things. I never seem to get to them on time. Maybe I will get lucky this time!