October 21, 2009

Random acts of kindness.....

I feel so fortunate to know people like my friend, Pam!
I love her sense of humor, I am in awe of her humility, I admire her talent, but most of all, it's her kindness that sets her apart. I was so thrilled to get a package from her the other day. Inside were all of these beautiful pieces of jewelry and rhinestone lovelies!!I'm always on the lookout for things like these to use in my work, but, to have them just arrive in my mailbox, wrapped so pretty......well, it really made my day!
Thank you, sweet Pam!!!!!!!


Anita said...

OH HAPPY DAY! I was gifted with two antique buttons yesterday. They look like carnival glass. One has an elephant and the other looks like the head of a viking. So much fun to have friends who know just what makes you smile.

Karen said...

What a lucky day at the mailbox!! Friends like that are so special!