February 12, 2010

 I was just thinking the other day, how sometimes the simplest things are what I have the fondest memories of. Like ever month when Mom would get her McCall's magazine, and we'd cut out the Betsy McCall paper dolls!
I use to love all of the stories about Betsy going to the circus, or on shopping trips to New York...and, I always wanted a dog like her little dachshund, Nosy!
I  loved to read, and my small hometown had the most wonderful old library. We use to stop there after school, and pick out several books to take home for the week. When I was really young, my favorite books were the "Flicka, Ricka and Dicka" series, about three triplets from Sweden. They always did the "right" thing, doing good deeds and never getting into fights, like I did with my Sisters!
Funny how I'm in my 50's and I can still reminisce about my childhood. It really was a gentler time and simple things like this captured what it was like in that era.
(Except for the part about Sisters not fighting....now, that's just plain fiction!)


Possible Impossibilities Studio said...

Love your reminiscing postings! Though I never was one for playing with dolls, I used to love paper dolls! I remember being so careful when cutting out the little tabs and keeping their little paper outfits all neat and tidy. :-)

Kay said...

Oh! How I loved paper dolls and books. I still have my Flicka, Ricka Dicka Bake a Cake and I just turned 60! I had all my paper dolls until a few years ago when someone stole them from a garage sale at my parent's home. I could play for hours with the paper dolls. Thanks for jogging the memory!

Anita said...

I just turned 55. I remember wishing I could have a pair of PF FLYERS. (tennis shoes) Mom made all of my dresses and to get a store bought dress was such a treat. For Easter I always got a new pair of white patent leather shoes. Life was good...and it still is!

Prim and Proper Folks said...

Such a sweet story, Nancy and so true about sisters! haha Seems like my sis and I used to argue about the silliest things when we were little and now, she's my very best friend! Susan

p.s. I love your trinket box below...so beautiful!!!

joan said...

Hi Nancy My favorite was Flick Ricka & Dickas ice skating & Snip Snap & sneers gingerbread stories. I found them on sale in a drug store near your hometown. Oh ya you never fought with me because I was the easy going sister Love Joan