April 18, 2011

Easter bonnets....

First of all, I have apologize to my sweet little grand-dog, Zoey, who is visiting us for a few days. I just couldn't help myself by playing dress-up with her this morning by trying on vintage hats in my workroom! (I know, like I don't anything else to do!) But, I think she puts a new spin on what the Easter bonnet should look like!
My favorite is #1.........


Marie Antionette said...

Happy Easter!!!
Your Granddog is the cutest in her bonnet.How presious is this?
Got to love tihs post,
XXOO marie Antionette

vivian said...

I'm with you, number one is my fav too! sweet little dog!
happy easter

Cassie said...

What a great dog! She looks sweet, your blog is wonderful - have a very Happy Easter:)

Anonymous said...

Nancy, thank you for "friending" me on FB today. You have a really fun blog! And I love your creations, have seen them in Create and Decorate. I'll be back! Am also adding your link to my sidebar! :-)
Diane Knott from