March 19, 2012

And, what state am I living in?!

I must be getting old - I've started to talk and blog about the weather! But, this year has been just crazy. We had another 80 degree day in Minnesota! Last night, Rick turned the air conditioner on - (that's a first! )
Yesterday I noticed how many of my perennials are budding out in the garden, and this is a bit scarey. (Will I have roses blooming in April?!)  Not that I'd be complaining about that - I'd love to see my roses look like this again in a few weeks!.
Anyway, it's been a nice run.........hopefully, Spring will just continue on...and on....!

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Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

It is kinda scary!! I hope all our little buds don't get froze off.It's just too early for the area but I love it too. I'm in Iowa but many turned on the air, at least we know it will work when we really have the heat. Have a wonderful week.