June 20, 2012


I was at an appointment recently, where they give you pages and pages of health information to fill out before you see the doctor.
 The waiting room was full of people, and there was an older couple filling out these forms. The husband was doing the writing, as he asked his wife the questions, (rather loudly, and sometimes repeating the questions 2-3 times, I might add!) He asked her the usual....have you ever had cancer, her family history, etc. And then he asked her, "Have you had a hysterectomy?"  She answered, "Yes".  When he asked her, "When?",  she answered, "I had one removed from my leg in 2000."
 Everyone in the room looked at each other, wondering if someone should say something to them.....but, we all just smiled and I'm sure we were thinking the same thing....nope, that's one for the doctor!

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