October 15, 2012

Zoey...easily distracted!

It was a beautiful late this afternoon to do some work in the garden. It's hard to pull plants out of the ground while they are still blooming, but I wanted to get the work done before the really cold weather hits.
Zoey loves to "help" me, but she is so easily distracted. Planes, kids, birds, bugs....nothing gets by her!


Cotton Peony said...

Zoey is just like Jack.. our wee 3 pounder tc yorkie. He'll look at.. or more like peek at me when there's a camera in my hands. But the world will come to end if you say 'squirrel'! and he'll tell me stories with expressive brown eyes as to how he plans on catching that silly rodent. So, I guess it's a dog thingie here.


Cotton Peony

Lululiz said...

Your photographs of Zoey are gorgeous, she is such a beauty.